Bomber Boom Kid

Bomber boom kid is a action game, where you play as a super bomb hero. Your aim is to save your lover in evil tower and also survive the clash with your enemies. To do that, you need to complete 40 adventure battle levels first. You have to kill whole army of enemies ( opponents ) in labyrinth to finish a level. Maze is also full of different obstacles. You can blow ( destroy ) them with your powerful bomb. You can also find different power up bonuses for your atomic bomb, that enlarger their bombing effect. Be careful, the explosion blast can also kill you (bombs are very explosive). If you die, you respawn 5 times. After that the game restarts from beginning.
Challenge your friends to complete the game in best time to became an unstoppable epic master in this game.

- One of the latest games on the twist of years 2015 and 2016
- 40 completely different levels / maps
- Beautiful hand drawn, colorful graphics
- Fun free game
- Attractive dynamic audio