Ball Maze Labyrinth

Ball maze labyrinth HD is a arcade, casual game. You exist in a shiny maze as a metal, steel, iron ball. Your aim is to find a way ( path ) from randomly generated labirints (mazes). You have to roll ( tilt ) zig zag, from right to left to avoid cube blocky wall obstacles. The whole level has different colors, so it's very colorful for first view. After you finish your goal, you get into a new level. Level geometry is completely 3D, but looks like a 2d pixel map. You need a level of craft to smoothly escape each level, that means without smashing into the walls. You have a joystick to control slide rolling motion of glass ball.

- Global leaderboards to compete with friends
- Fun, free, adventure game
- Eye touching glow graphics
- Puzzle brain challenging gameplay for kids
- Joyful game that makes you jump or hit something